Complaint handling and investigations

NSW Ombudsman's office publications:

The New South Wales Ombudsman has released a number of resources, including complaint handling research resources and training, guidelines to responding to use of social media and the internet, and Ombudsman inquiries - FAQs. For more information, click here.

The NSW Ombudsman's office produces a range of publications including brochures, fact sheets, guidelines and reports, published on their website.

Commonwealth Ombudsman's office publications:

The Commonwealth Ombudsman's office publishes a range of resources on their website, including better practice guides for managing unreasonable complainant conduct and complaint handling, as well as guidance on principles of good administration:

Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Better Practice Guide to Managing Unreasonable Complainant Conduct

Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Better  Practice Guide to Complaint Handling

Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Fact Sheet Ten Principles for good administration

New Zealand Ombudsman's office resources and publications:

The New Zealand Ombudsman's office also publishes a range of publications and resources on their website, including general guides, reports, opinions and opinions.